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Assistant Restaurant Manager
Restaurant Manager
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Assistant Chocolate Ched
Mechanical Engineer
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Aircon Technician
Industrial Electrician
Mechanical Technician
Mould Maintenance Engineer
Mould Maintenance Technicians
Polymer Technologist
PVC Fittings Processing Technician
Quality Control Supervisor
Procurement Officer
Motorcycle Mechanic
All Around Beautician
Flower Arranger
Marketing Staff
Marine Ecologist
Gym Instructor
Marine Workshop Engineer
Marine Workshop Engineer
Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef
Marble Mason
Master Cutter
Ball Mill Operator
BMP Helper
BMP Operator
Body Preparation Mechanic
Calibrating Operator
Caster - Manual Casting
Caster BCL
Caster Helper
Flush Fitting Helper
Forklift Operator
Generator Mechanic
Glaze Ball Operator
Glaze Controller
Green Wave Inspector
Kiln Controller
Kiln Loader
Kiln Unloader
Marble Sprayer
Molding Helper
Painting Operator
Painting Operator
Polishing Mechanic
Press Mechanic
Production Inspector
Press Operator
Printing Operator
Production Supervisor
Quality Control Helper
Quality Controller
Shovel Operator
Spraying Inspector
Sorting in Charge
Sorting Mechanic
Spray Drier Operator
Sprayer Helper
Squaring Machine Operator
Stock Helper
TGV Operator
Tile Machine Operator
Graphic Designer
HVAC Technician
Pipe Fitter
Marine Workshop Engineer
Sandwich Maker
Telecom Engineer
Hair Dresser
Nail Technician
Pastry Chef
Balloon Artist
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JENERICK International Manpower Inc. is one the licensed agency and manpower provider in the Philippines. Through its field of expertise in international and local manpower management services, - JIMI provides quality workers for its client needs at reasonable terms.

JENERICK International Manpower Inc. JIMI is listed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Technical Education Skills and Development Authority(TESDA), Department of Foreign Affairs(DFA) and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Since 1999 JIMI's core manpower supply business maintains its leading market position, experiences continuing growth and exerts leverage amongs its international and local counter parts.

JIMI has five (5) major manpower supply operating units namely:Jenerick Head Office

  • International Business Group - Focused on manpower supply in Asian, Europian, West and East American, Australian and other international countries who needs quality of Filipino workers in various categories.
  • Corporate Business Group - Focused on corporate clients nationwide.
  • Local /Regional Business Group - Focused on company in all regions outside metro manila area.
  • Inter-Agency-Business - Focused on business opportunities among international and local manpower supply agency.
  • Greater Metro Manila Business Group - Focused on manpower supply in Metropolitan Area (comprising a population of more than 12 million)

This geographic market business strategy now allows JIMI to constantly monitor, further improve and immediately respond to principal employer demands not only in terms of services but also on outputs and business solutions. Despite the challenges confronting all service provides worldwide, JIMI remains a leader in its chosen field. Its foreign principals keep on seeking for its services.


As a service oriented agency recruitment agency , JENERICK INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER INC. gives equal focus to small or large manpower needs in terms of urgency and efficiency. It has been the company's commitment to supply foreign principals with globally competitive employee. The excellence of Filipino workers (skilled & unskilled) had been recognized worldwide being a great asset to any company.


Experienced recruitment personnel make use of hiring techniques benchmarked with world-class companies. Developing a solid hiring and selection process, from resume screening up to the final selection, assures accuracy in providing manpower according to the clients specific demands

Aside from Job-fit, Organization- fit is highly considered. Orientation is conducted on the client's company profile, policies, terms and conditions. Fostering good relationship between applicants and foreign principal is initially developed thus creates a good start on building confidence and trust which is further cemented by both parties though a well-maintained communication system facilitated by JIMI.

Trade test are handled by reputable and highly specialized organization, which JIMI has long-standing tie-up. Medical Examinations are conducted by Government accredited clinic to ensure that selected applicants are physically, mentally and psychologically fit for the specific assignment. Long time alliance with these Medical clinic had been continuously maintained.


Not with standing the unpredictability and the competition in the field of manpower supply, we remain stable and LIQUID. We individualized our services depending on the strictest standards of every client. Our work does not terminate after deploying the right persons for the jobs. We remain and establish lasting relationships even after the expiration of the employment contracts.


A major development embarked by JIMI is the creation of an IT Department. It is the point department in maintaining a centralized information system for FAST ACCURATE & EFFICIENT dissemination, processing and transmission of communication from the Philippine office to foreign principals all over the world.

FAST - sending communication through email JIMI can easily comply with the demands of External customer both in the local and international market

ACCURATE - through the centralized Management Information System updated status of department is easily accessible. Our client are assured of correct information whenever the need arises

EFFICIENT - JIMI can now minimize the time clerical errors and other technical matters concerning operations. Thus, giving more time for value engineering focused on services to both external and internal costumers.

A data base of file of every applicant is also maintained from the date of application to the whole duration of the contact. Accessibility and add-on feature e.g. remittances , on-line communication with families of workers is JIMI 'S thrust to provide unselfish assistance.