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3 Plumber Supervisor
Work Site: Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Opening Date:  Oct 01, 2013 Closing Date: Mar 03, 2018
Principal : Namariq Arabian Services
: Gender: M
Age: 22 - 35
Education: Bachelor's / College Degree
Yrs. of Experience: 5
Job Details :

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Coordinates, supervises, and assists in activities involving the buildings and facilities plumbing, hot water, boiler, potable water, and sewer system.

  2. Making work schedules, assigning work and training other plumbers.

  3. Motivating plumbers to increase their productivity and meeting deadlines.

  4. Strong leadership skills to lead and motivate others so that they can perform better.

  5. Excellent communication skills to communicate effectively with others.

  6. Problem solving and trouble shooting skills are essential to facilitate assistance in case of any technical problems.

  7. Time management skills to meet the deadlines in the specified time period.

  8. Required to work in dynamic environment.

  9. May require working out door under exposure to severe climatic conditions

  10. Repairs and replaces broken water & sewer lines

  11. Clears sewer lines and drain lines, commodes etc.

  12. Repairs and replaces hot water tanks, circulating pumps etc.

  13. Repairs and replaces valves and other plumbing components.

  14. Maintains waste water system as needed.

For manpower pooling only, no fees to be collected.
Beware of illegal recruiters